What is that domain?

hello, today for the first time when i searched ogs in google, the first link was https://prod.online-go.com/

is that an official ogs url ? if so what’s the use of having it ?


That’s probably just another domain that serves up the production version of ogs. There’s also beta.online-go.com if you want to take a look at new features being tested


That’s interesting, and rather annoying that it appears above the online-go.com search entry. I don’t know why we have that domain active tbh.


It also has the exact stuff normal ogs has.

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Not exactly—it needs its own login, and apparently it sets its own cookie with its own user settings …

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Normal ogs:

prod .online-go.com

I signed in with my ogs username and password.

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I saw a screenshot on twitter of people playing on OGS and they played on prod

So is it more or less running the same thing? Same sever etc?