What is the tesuji for a cross-cut?

Thes is such a common shape, there must be a tesuji for it, possible several. However, I don’t know hat it is called, so am turning to the forums.

Because it is the same problem for black and white, I assume there is a tesuji for the player who places the last stone, and the player who played the stone before that?

Help please! I see this so often!

You guessed correctly :wink:
Its called cross-cut and here are some possible continuations:



Playing this cross-cut more in the centre of the board and every stone extendes one time, you’ll get the ‘Windmill Joseki’.

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The “Windmill” is also known as “Pinwheel” — http://senseis.xmp.net/?Pinwheel
I can’t find any Joseki for this shape, though, although there it says: