What is the translate percentage to be used in site?

What is the threshold? Is it should translated 100% to be shown on the site settings?

Not completely sure I understand the question. Are you missing some particular language in the settings?

No, I am translating OGS to my native language. But I want to know that when translation will be available to other users?

I am asking because I am confusing sometimes, and want to see the translation on the site. That will help me to translate it better

I see, what is the language? I’ll ask our developers whether it can be added already, new languages are added manually, it is not automated process.

Thanks! It is Turkish.

In that case I am again confused. Türkçe is already a selectable language in your settings. Can you try rephrasing the question for me? Or what am I missing? :slight_smile:

Haha! I didn’t see until you asked :slight_smile: sorry

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