What means the T in ranking (example 13kT)?

That question only. Thanks.

Recently timed out in a correspondent game.

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What does “recent” mean?

Does it matter whether the player has a notable history of timeouts? In almost 2000 games elsewhere over many years I had 1 accidental timeout loss in a teaching game. I got no recognition prior to that for a perfect record. I would have felt wronged to have a black mark of some sort appended to my name.

To stigmatize someone in any way for such a trivial thing is as senseless as flagging someone because out of their last two games, one was not against a lower ranked opponent. Maybe the person had some serious matter, like a death in the family or serious accident, or some other uncontrolled event. Strikes me as petty.

Does OGS have an indicator of some sort for users who fail to play a reasonable number of games against weaker opponents? If not, that seems like a more beneficial feature.

I can look at a user’s profile and see the past 50 game results to get a much better feeling about the opponent than pinning a scarlet letter to them.

Does OGS admin identify sandbaggers and put an indicator on them?