What move reference style do you like best? (POLL)

What move reference style do you like best?

  • Move 10
  • W10
  • (10)
  • #10
  • Other

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It depends on the context I think.

Where a word is appopriate, I like Move 10.

Where it needs to be contracted, I like M10 - as works in chat.

I prefer this to T10 (which also works in chat), because M10 matches the Move 10 at the bottom right of the board

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I thought I was in Philosophical Questions and Polls lol

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What does the T stand for?


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  1. e4 e5?
  2. d5 f4
  3. f5+ e6
  4. d4 f6+
  5. f3+ g5x
  6. g4+? c6!
  7. f5x (ko) d6!!
    0 - 1

The reason I don’t like the W10 convention is because there’s redundant information. Whether the number is even or odd already indicates whose move it was.


Hmm so + is atari, x is capture, what does the ? and ! signify?

When writing out a whole sequence, I would omit the B’s and W’s. But when referring to a single move, the extra hint can be useful. My earlier reply is of course mostly in jest (for instance, I greatly prefer the move numbering of go to that of chess), but I do think that some extra information like f5+ for atari and f6x for capture is not such a terrible idea. In no context should it be mandatory of course, it’s just if you feel like adding some extra hints for the reader. Probably there are more useful go-specific ones we could come up with (special notation for cross-cut, hane etc.).

So they are not objective notation of the moves, but more like a commentary on how good they are. It’s not something I’m missing from go notation, it was just funny to replicate to make it look more like chess.


( note the (??) indicating a blunder :wink: )


What? M10 / B10 are confusing because they’re also coordinates. Does anyone actually use those abbreviations?


I’m lost- which chat are we talking? In the game chat, M10 and T10 are coordinates…


Whoa, you are right, how embarassment.


All good happens to the best of us- just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy!

I actually like using cordinates insted move numbers, for me its easier to understand “b’s f6 hane was overplay” than “move 115 was overplay”


I combine them pretty often, so “(115) F6 was overplay”.

But I’m more pointing out that the move was bad because of being at F6 than just referencing that it was at F6 as a way for the move to be found.

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I like “move 9” because it’s clear. “B9” (as in “B9 was questionable”) can be ambiguous.


Yes, exactly this and what @benjito said above. Coordinates are coordinates and fine like that. If you need to talk about move numbers you can either say “move X” or “black/white X” or just X of you need to contract.

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W 10 or white 10.
move or turn don’t give any more info. W or white remind at least on the color, making the reading easier
I keep the format S12 for coordinates (without a space)

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I prefer just listing the coordinate, using either Audouard Coordinates or corner-relative complex numbers of form a + bi where the origin lies just beyond each corner of the board.

My first thought: 2. d5 is not legal! (also wondering why 1. … e5 got a questionmark, thinking of chess)

Then I opened a 9x9 demo board. :+1: