What persists in chat channels?

Yesterday I participated in a tournament, the idea was to add some reviews at the end to give feedback. Today I made some comments in the group chat page - but they seem to disappear or only show up for a limited time. I dunno what to do about that, it chat persistent - some of my messages seem to be but when I log in from a different computer others don’t show up. I dunno how to be confident in the chat functionality if I dunno if others will still see what I type or if it is going to go away.

When the messages do not show up, they have actually been swallowed by the internal IRC system, which likes to error at times.

This bug is fixed in the upcoming patch! Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks It is just hard when you are trying to have a conversation/ encourage others to form a review / chat group and I dunno what they are seeing or even what I am sending! Its very good this is going to be fixed I hope it will improve a lot the feeling of the group chatroom.