What should I do here?

I don’t like to get too precious about winning, but on the other hand I do like to know what’s the generally accepted “correct” way to deal with problems that pop up. A couple of minutes ago I lost a game by auto-resignation because my opponent paused the game and left the scene - I waited for 5 mins for them to return and unpaused, because I didn’t feel like waiting for them to come back - I thought I’d seek advice via the chat window, but forgot about the auto-resign feature - Whoops!

Anyway - that’s the backstory - What’s the accepted way of handling unannounced pauses? Obviously if an opponent asks first, or lets me know how long they’ll be, then there isn’t an issue…

Anyway is fine tbh, it’s all up to you. You aren’t obligated to wait for them.


If I don’t know the player and they pause unannounced, I always unpause immediately, but I have to say that people have not paused in my games announced or unannounced for hundreds of games which is probably strongly correlated with the rank of my opponents. So, my advice is to gain a few stones which should fix this problem :slight_smile:


Over here stones are units of weight too - So I shouldn’t have too much of a problem gaining a few :slight_smile: