What to do if you don't have enough vacation days and you need to go completely offline?

Hi all,
What’s the appropriate thing to do if you are in this situation? I will go to a place with no internet, no electricity, basically nothing for 20 days and I am 16 days short on the vacation days…
Should I drop all my games?
Ask from the other players to play the correspondance games in live setting?
What about the ladders and tournements?
Thank you !

All i can think of is ask them if you can pause the game. For your current ladder and correspondence games it should be fine, however for tournaments its different as we don’t like to hold them up if possible.

The only problem with pausing the game is that at any given time your opponent can un-pause it if they wish. The pause button can be found on the right hand side of the game screen on the side-menu above “review this game”


Thanks for the pause option. I didn’t know that. I will be asking to my opponents. However, this doesn’t fixes the the problem with ladders (i.e., someone new challenging me) but I guess that is okay. Thanks again. Really appreciate it.

You might also consider becoming a site supporter even for one month. One of the perks of being a site supporter is you get more vacation time. And you get good feelings for supporting the server upkeep.


I tried to find information related to the vacation times for supporters but couldn’t! (and the link you gave is the correct place). I was already thinking about becoming one before this issue and maybe it is the perfect time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Do you know if the vacation days get refreshed/reloaded immediately when you become a site supporter because I need 15 days more to cover the offline period.