What topic categories should we add/remove/change?

With the introduction of our new forum system we really want to create categories that are meaningful and useful for the community so help us decide!

We’ve created some initial categories that might be a good starting point but we are calling on everyone’s collective wisdom to help us decide.


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As a regular player here I would be interested in interview with prominent players/OGS programmers who make OGS what it is. Maybe something regular like once a week and the willing interviewee would answer questions like a. where you are from? how did you become interested in go? c. what do you think most people would not know about OGS d. (something silly) if you are a fruit which and why?

Who to interview can be via nomination (after exhausting the OGS staff who wish to be interviewed)

What do you think?


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Sounds great by me, are you volunteering? the Meta category will possibly be a good place for it.

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Hmmm I would like that. Although I am not very computer savvy not sure what is meta will need a bit of time to familiarise myself.

In the meantime, as an OGS dev (or anyone else who know this) would you please advise:

  1. Who are the current OGS developers and how to contact (a short email or forum post asking if they are interested in being interviewed, if so here’s a bunch of questions please answer…);

  2. Is there a way to identify the prominent players on OGS? I presume maybe someone who regularly review other people’s games or make teaching games, high rank? or any real amateur or pro (there was a list compiled on another go website http://senseis.xmp.net/?KGSHighDanPlayers is there something similar in OGS)?

Stay tuned!


Hello DrK,

matburt, who replied to you, is one of the two developers, anoek is the other. These both also created nova.gs with which OGS was merged in October 2013, see Changelog; the design we see on :yin_yang:GS now is all from nova.

I like your idea, I’d also like to learn more about these two, who, when one sees them in the chatrooms, always are friendly and helpful; About their motivation, about how they expect to be able to pay for it when it grows and needs more server power, etc. (and why there is no PayPal button ;-)); I believe it’s always a good idea to make people visible as humans, to de-virtualize them (i.e. ourselves) somewhat, so that they (we) are not just black Unicode characters on white background …

And here’s a post listing the current staff members.

Looking forward to read your interviews :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom

I would suggest that you create separate “top level” categories for the browser / web user interface (including using it on a mobile device) and the Android client. It is annoying when users launch into a description of their bug and you don’t know which interface they are talking about.

Would sub-categories under Support work well enough?

I would suggest, if possible, adding a “learning center” option on the sight. I loved being able to quickly find info about go and how to play when the sight was just OGS.

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I think the category’s need to be fixed up I was adding my ideas to the OGS development category and at first I had a hard time figuring out where I should even begin to post my ideas so I think you should make it more clear that you can post your ideas in the OGS development category… it would also be nice to see somewhere that shows “updates to come” or “planned updates”… I know someone said just keep posting ideas but I think it would still be super great to know what’s to come! I think stuff like that keeps player’s interested!

a tournament topic, and a ladder topic. Thanks.

Suggestions welcome, “make it better” doesn’t help :slight_smile:

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Done, they’ve been added under the Announcements parent category