Whats the best way to improve to reach 1D

Hi, whats the best way to improve my game to reach 1D (i am currently 8k OGS) .

What should i focused and if you have some resouses it would be usefull.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m not 1d yet but I would say play more games so you get more experience, you’ve only played 14 games (that’s pretty good for just playing 14 games) After I played around 100 games I started improving a lot.


Oh i stopped playing for a few years, when i left i was 5k KGS, but i used to not study go consistenly, always learning like 10 things at time…and that i know is not good, thats why i ask what to focussed in general at this point


Just spend as much time as possible (and probably a little more than that) with go.


So what you actually want to do, is

  1. make a study routine that fits your free time and needs, and stick to it.
  1. study the parts of the game that you really enjoy as much as you can, and become as much of an expert on it as you can
  1. review your games in detail
  1. learn to play and make good shapes, regardless of whatever the local sequence evolves into