When and how you found out about the go forum?

Just wondering how everybody found out about this forum. (please comment) I was playing go on OGS for more than three years and found out about this forum around November 2019 after clicking on the forum button on the OGS home page. The first topic i created was a dumb question: “how to change sounds of stones.”

[edit: I found out that even the well known users joined around last year。 When was the forum created anyway?}


Well, my discovery wasn’t so adventurous. I saw “forum”, I clicked on it, and there I found it :upside_down_face:

Anyway, doesn’t sound dumb to me :wink:


The oldest forum topics are from 2014.


I found out when @anoek posted the correspondence games lost by disconnection post

@flovo I wasn’t even in primary school back in 2014 and I don’t know how to play go chess


Uhm… how did you even go to the forum website?

@ginger2008 From the link on the top of the home page

It’s better to use quotes so people can know which post you are talking about rather than a mention.

Re: correspondence games lost by disconnection

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@ginger2008 I invited you to the topic

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I found out that anoek had posted something about the Correspondence games lost by Disconnection (I didn’t really notice - only one game was affected), and clicked on the link. Here I am!


I knew about it, but was intimidated about it, but then when a mod couldn’t answer one of my questions, he recommended me to post it on the forums. So then I did, and now I like the forums :smiley:
I am still intimidated by the sitewide chat servers though.

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I clicked everything on the top bar on my first day. I even have a message posted here on my first day on ogs, saying I wanna be spoon-fed info about the game by an experienced player.