When doing game review, the focus keeps shifting to variations

As I’m stepping through a reviewed game, the variation branch gets to be the one that’s always followed. That’s not ideal when you want to just step through the actual game that was played.

To reproduce:

  1. go to https://online-go.com/game/view/1456596
  2. Click right to progress through the game (or hit right arrow on keyboard)

Expected result:

Be able to follow main branch throughout the game, showing the actual game-play.

Actual result:

Every time a variation shows up, the branch variation is displayed instead.

The default behaviour is to stay on the main branch, however, follow every branch you took again in case you jumped/went backwards.
I would prefer your variant, though.

So it’s not staying on the main branch. Note in the image how it goes to a variation.

Going through this game, I have to keep pressing “left” followed by “up” on my keyboard. It’s very tedious

We used to have it as you describe but got a lot of complaints, the general consensus was to follow your last viewed path

But this doesn’t follow the last viewed path. I’ve never even looked at this review before. So for me it’s not the last viewed path.

Maybe there should be an option to chose which path to follow?

Yeah this will “follow” all the last viewed paths when you do back and forward again. It’s not so nice :slight_smile:
To follow the real last viewed path is very nice.

I’ll try to clarify a bit too.
For the first time I load this review I should be able to follow the top most “variation” aka the game tree from start to the end of the game with just my left-right arrow keys. Currently it forces me down on each variation. It seems the logic is upside down. It will “follow” the bottom most variation by default. It should follow the top most variation (gameline) by default and only force a person down to a variation if it’s the last place where that person has viewed the tree.

I start to explore variations and go back and explore even more variations. After doing that and going to the first move and starting to go forward with my arrow keys it will force me to each variation that I visited before. I can get out of that variation by going “up” but then when trying to go forward again it will force me down to a variation when I encounter one that I explored before.

In most go editors and programs the memory is only of the “last” variation one has explored. So one can explore a variation and then go back from it and explore another variation and the “memory” of the first variation is not stored so that when one starts to view the game from the beginning it will not force you to the first variation viewed. Just the last one that was active.

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Got it, reviews are funny because internally they literally play out each ‘thing’ the reviewer did when you load a review, hence why it follows the branches like this. I’ll put it on the todo list to clear that state after the initial load