When the opponent clock goes off almost every move

What does it mean? It is almost every move. Do they go to find out next good move?

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Just guessing.
It probably means they are doing something else at the same time. So they play, immediately return to their movie (or whatever) and then return every 30sec or whatever. Not my cup of tea.

Or poor internet connection

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Sometimes I get opponents who play 2 games simultaneously.

I watch movies while in game myself but lightning symbol not appears because window with game always remains open.

I think this is almost certainly caused by people playing two games simultaneously. Bad Internet connection is also possible in a few cases. People doing something else (such as making dinner) would just leave the tab open. People who are consulting with a friend, or analyzing over a real board, or consulting Leela would also just leave the tab open. People playing two games, particularly on their phone, will probably use the back and forward arrows to navigate between the game pages. BTW, this is increasingly common on OGS. I watch a lot of games every night, and I’m seeing it more and more.

… yes, I’ve fielded queries about this also.

What the multiple-games-at-once people sometimes don’t realise is that the lightning bolt timeout can be rather quicker than the game’s timeout (because that’s what it is for : terminating the game efficiently when the opponent disconnects).

I tend to think that features that let you move from one game to the next on the same tab should not actually include live games, for this reason: it’s actually misuse of a feature like that to play multiple games at once on the same browser tab.


Why, though? Is there a compelling reason to prevent someone from playing simultaneous live games?

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I think you misunderstood.

It’s fine to play simultaneous games on multiple tabs.

It’s just not fine to disconnect from each game, because the system and the opponent thinks that you’ve gone. But that is the effect of (for example) clicking on the outstanding game count number in the top right: it takes your tab to the next game, disconnecting you from the current one and starting the lightning bolt timer on that game you just left. That’s a misfeature IMO.


Whoa, I didn't know that! I thought time would be deduced from the normal counter unless I closed all tabs, ended the session or otherwise got disconnected from the server. Thank you for the heads up, GaJ!
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