When to hane Vs extend? (7k after rank adjustment)

Hello again

After 2 years break, go caught my attention again and I’m back into a series of interesting games.

I’ve had a game against a stronger player that I felt confident for some time but somehow in the end I had to resign. The AI identified a hane in the mid game as my worst move. It was a hane ahead of 3 stones which I thought was a valid option. But I guess I have to take liberties into account when applying that saying. What else did I miss in my game?


Well, yes. A hane is good when your opponent’s stones are weak, low on liberties or having cutting point issues, while your stones are strong and don’t have liberty issues or cutting point issues.

In this case on move 70, your P13 stones were low on liberties, handicapped by the cutting stone at P12 and not clearly alive (the whole group), while your opponent’s stones were fully alive, strong and solidly connected. So it’s quite clear to me that your hane was an overplay and your opponent punished it well with a cut.


That’s what I figured. Thanks for the explanation.

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