When will we get the ability to block an user?

Right now the only thing I can do is block chat, but it’s weird: when the guy I blocked chat, I don’t see the chat but the tab still show (x) unread messages.

But the 2 most important blocking feature that I need are blocking a certain person from accepting my open challenge, and block a certain person from sending me challenge.

I’ve been sent challenges from this guy, poliwang, all the time. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t reply when I said I don’t want to play him, he just send challenges to everyone around his rank again and again and when 2 or more people accept the challenge he play one and afk the rest.

It’s borderline on spam, I’m really frustrated +_+


In the nearish future… we’re working hard on some features for the learn go week, I’ll try to get to it soon after that though.

Its tough being popular. I have not had this issue. It must be the photo. But I think it is a great observation that we should be able to block certain people and not be bothered by them. Now I am off to go trolling and spamming.

Ty you developers here have been very responsive overall and have really tried to make a useful and superior server. Hat tip indeed.


Hehe, I get daily challenges from him as well.
But I don’t think he’s trying to be annoying on purpose. He is probably sending challenges to people that are active online at the time.

I want that blocking feature as well so that I can block Sandhon from challenging me :DD

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