Where do my contributions go?

I recently started contributing because I want go to become popular (and like the AI review). I was wondering what happens with the money. Like what costs it goes to. Thank you.


If I understand properly, it goes to support the developers and pay for technical costs such as running/maintaining the servers.


Yes, I do not know all the details either as I have nothing to do with the money, but indeed most of it goes into paying for the main server - to be able to stay afloat without ads, the AI review server (which requires a lot of computation power) and keeping our developer fed and alive so he is able to keep working on OGS more or less full-time.

And at the risk of shooting ourselves into foot, you really do not need to be a supporter to be popular :slight_smile: and for lower ranked players, I would caution against relying on the AI too much. AIs are super strong, but give no explanations and without having a very solid understanding of some basic concepts, it is really easy to misinterpret what the AI is trying to do, why it works and why it is good. At this stage human players might be better eqipped to give you some basic pointers, arguably you might not need above pro level complicated variations just yet.

Nothing wrong with it of course if you do not rely on the AI too much, and obviously we are very gratefull for every supporter, but if your main motivation was to improve your game, you might not get the value you were looking for is what I am saying, hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Adam, looks like you misread the post the same way I did, lol


:smiley: :man_facepalming:

Indeed, thanks. My mistake