Which of the RANK to be considered?

I like playing long games and my currently overall rank is 11k and turtle rank (refers to correnspondence mode rank) is 12k. I see many of players whose overall rank and turtle rank are different. Some of them have those ranks very differently: overall rank much greater than turtle rank simply because they more often play in other modes than the turtle mode.

Why I raised this issue? The main reason is when starting the game. I’ll show you a case:

When a player (not me) publicly create a game, I’ll see his/her rank on the play page. If I’m interested in the game (because of either close rank without handicap or auto handicap), I’ll click accept. For example, the game shows player who created a game whose rank is 16k (considered the turtle rank) with auto handicap, I expect to play by having handicap on his/her side because my overall rank is 11k. That’s still correct, but when I view the player’s information, I found his/her rank is close to me. 5 handicap on his side while the ranks nearly the same seems to be incorrect.

However, in my opinion the problem can be solved easily by canceling the game and create a new game which is fair for both side. Some of my ever-played players ever complained to me about this. Before posting I have found 5 of 6 posts that may be similar to this but after skimming through them I found no duplicate.

If this post is unimportant, I’m sorry about that in advance. I just want to make sure “Which of the RANK to be considered” when it comes to looking for a game or setting handicap: overall rank or (in this case) turtle rank? I expect to consider overall rank or overall rank +/- 1 as the players’ rank. If there’s something I’m missing something, please let me know, such as why considering turtle rank.

Thanks in advance.

Overall rank should be the most important or accurate. Players can get a large discrepency when they tend to only play one mode, or never play one mode. I think the problem you are describing is why handicap isn’t commonly played on open game challenges.


What do you mean “handicap isn’t commonly played on open game”? I’m confused about those words. Maybe I’m a bit confused when typing this issue and also making you confused (sorry about that). Let me describe it again from your point of view.

There’s a player who’ve just registered (25k) and plays a lot in live and blitz mode, but rarely plays in turtle mode. Then the player has the ranking of overall, live and blitz all in the same way, except for the turtle mode. Let’s say he has played 500 boards and has the ranking like this:

overall: 11k
blitz: 12k
live: 13k
turtle: 20k.

When it comes to showing on the page, setting handicap (in case of the game has set to auto), and calculating the ranking point when the game is finished. In my opinion, there would be a method of calculating this. For example, 20k from turtle mode may be too low according to the overall, so let’s say his turtle rank is 13k by assuming it from the live mode.

Thank you for every suggestions.

[quote=“PassakornTharnwanitc, post:3, topic:8955, full:true”]

What do you mean “handicap isn’t commonly played on open game”? I’m confused about those words. [/quote]

Simply put, the majority of open challenges on the “Play” page are set for an even game, not handicap. Handicap just isn’t very popular on OGS. The only other server I play on is KGS, where handicap is very common.

I think part of that is because of the rank dispcrepencies you are describing, and (at least around my rank) there’s also some volatility to your rank.

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