Who are your favorite Pro and Amateur Go players?

So, I thought it would be interesting to know who everyone’s favorite players are, both among professionals and amateurs. I’ll get this started by stating my favorites. :smile:

Professional Players: Kobayashi Koichi 9p, Lee Sedol 9p, Gu Li 9p, Kim Myeong-wan 9p, Lee Hajin 3p, Andy Liu 1p, and Calvin Sun 1p.

Amateur Players: Hwang In-seong 8d, Zhaonian Chen 8d, Hugh Zhang 7d, Justin Teng 6d, Yunxuan Li 6d

I’m a huge fan of Takagawa (Shu)Kaku. (9p) :smiley:

You are my favourite Fairgo :wink:

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I love Takao Shinji. His book Takao’s Astute Use of Brute Force is amazing. He plays that thick, calm style that I try (poorly :stuck_out_tongue: ) to emulate.

His Improve your Intuition series was amazing. I took those little books with me everywhere I went!

Shusaku and Go seigan, Yi Sedol and Yoda Norimoto are my favourite’s

I admit that I have none such name to contribute … knowing too little about those heroes’ way of playing. (I think I like Takemya ’s way, though).

But one thought immediately shot through my head: My favourite amateur player is … always the one I’m playing with at a given moment :smile:


takemiya for san ren sei and solid thick walls.

lee seedol for showing how to fiercely fight, out of the box board read and think deep about game (see his books. best go related thing ever!)