Who's attending the 2018 US Go Congress?

I just registered for the 2018 US Go Congress in Williamsburg, VA…my first congress. Yay! Any thoughts, tips, tricks, things not to miss, etc., please post❗️

I found the dorm accommodations at host college, and the parking (ten dollars for the week), to be exceptionally reasonable in cost.

Will I see others from OGS there? Who? Please come! Maybe we can even have an informal OGS meetup there? I dunno, never been before.

Excited. Thanks.


I will be there! I attend every year.

For me the highlights are the US Open and the lectures. Crazy Go is always fun. There you will see all kinds of variations on Go. This year I want to try to play in the Evening League more often, something that I have neglected in years past.

Things that I am not so keen on are Pair Go and the Youth Room. Expect to deal with a gaggle of loud obnoxious kids.

I am also excited to revisit Colonial Williamsburg. I have not been there since I was a child.

See you there!


Thank you for the information, Koolbreeze. Hopefully we can meet and shake hands.

I’d rather do an evening tourney than a daytime tourney. Are all such events multiple days, or are there casual single-night events? Thank you.


The Evening League is very casual. It’s basically self-paired rated games every day up until the end. You can play as many or as little as you want. There are different achievements like most wins, most wins vs a dan player, best win to loss ratio, ect.

You probably already know this but the US Open is one game per day (in the morning). The Masters play two games a day. All the other tournaments (Lightning, 13x13, 9x9) are one day only, unless you make it into the final round, in which you will need to find your opponent and schedule a game.

I just finished registering. Hope to see you there! My name is Greg Kulevich. Try and find me.


Thank you, Greg. I appreciate the information based in your past experience. Super helpful.

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