Why bottom right was not calculated for white?

Hi, last my game was finished with strange calculation of points I cannot to understand. He is the link to the game - https://online-go.com/game/25118110
My competitor and I agreed that right bottom was taken by me (white), but ogs was not allow to mark it as mine.
Could someone please help me to understand why?

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The reason is that you haven’t finished the border completely (around T6 and T7 points). The game isn’t completely done yet.

That’s why OGS scoring gets confused.


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I thought that theoretically black might try to invade through the top, but we decided to finish the game as those few points could not to help black to win and my opponent was also surprised that he cannot mark the corner as a white territory.

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The scoring engine need all boundaries to be fixed.
He cannot do the counting if not.

It’s Nice if you agreed before that the game was lost for one Of the player and if you think it was no use to finish these Last points, but then the player should resign to avoid to play them.


Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: