? Why did I lose this game?

I kept accepting the stone removal and the other player didn’t. Clock ticked down, and I lost by resignation??? How does that work?..

This is more OGS specific and not related to Go in general.

I don’t think you should have lost by Resignation in the case you describe.

Hopefully, one of the mods or devs can address this issue.

If we detect that you have left the game or left the site then we give you a brief amount of time to reconnect or we’ll resign a live game early.

That would be fine if the game hadn’t been in Accept Stones and the other player had already accepted the loss & left. Under those circumstances, the onus should be on them to act, not the winner.

Edit: To give more detail, circumstance:

  • We had played a good game but it was clear that I’d won.
  • Pass, Pass.
  • Game goes to Accept Stone Removal. I click the blue Accept button ~12 times while I wait. 5:00 clock goes down to 2:45.
  • I have a green checkmark in the Accept area. Other player has red X. He’s clearly left the game.
  • Thinking, “Okay, I’ve won”, I click over to another tab to watch YouTube for a few minutes, leaving this game tab open, expecting to come back and confirm the win.
  • I come back and instead get, “Loss by Resignation”.

Under those circumstances, I would consider this an exploitable bug, not a feature, regardless of why the server thought I disconnected ( which I didn’t actively, but that’s beside the point ). The logic should still be, “One party accepted therefore the onus is on the other party and if they take no action then they resign.” In my opinion. Or it should be made clearer in the UI text during this phase. Because tbh I have no idea what clicking on the various options in the Accept Removal UI do. But this shouldn’t be one of the possible results.


It sounds like he returned from stone removal and you weren’t around to see it?

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Why would that make any difference if I’d already accepted?..

Both players have to accept the score to finish the game.

Please be careful to leave a game only when it is truly finished, not when it is “obvious” that it should be counted in your favor. Otherwise, some asshole opponent might exploit the automatisms to trick the server into recording the wrong result.

This is not OGS specific either. Almost every Go server uses negotiation to count games.

Here on OGS, if you encounter an uncooperative player, you can call a moderator using the button in the pop-up menu on the right. The moderator can then count the game for you without the other user’s approval.


Speak of the devil, this opponent is trying to exploit this exact mechanic by repeatedly cancelling stone removal and going back to game time. https://online-go.com/game/4942161

This needs to be fixed. This is an exploit.

Report the game to a moderator and we’ll take care of it for you.

The game wasn’t finished ,(A) was left open.Never leave a game till it’s complete.The time that you left caused the clock to continue to run out.All the extra moves also counted as point loss for most were already dead or prisoners._Phcull