Why different color usernames

On the right side of my OGS home screen, under ‘Chat with friends’ is a list of usernames. Some are gold and some are blue. What is the significance of these colors?

Gold are OGS supporters (payed membership).


Blue means that those players are online (they have an OGS tab open - this doesn’t mean that they are at their computer).


There’s also green for professionals, red for AGA staff, gray for bots, and purple for moderators and administrators


Although it’d be quite hard to get the first three to friend you!

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red for AGA staff

Aren’t they more a reddish orange? Perhaps I’m misremembering.

They are. On all my screens at least.

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Yeah, you’re right. I hadn’t actually looked at them that closely :sweat_smile:

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Some might even contend that they are brown, but it’s a controversial issue.


Well brown is just dark orange so it can be both.

image image


from inspecting, images from google search.


according to the xkcx color survey the color is named orange most of the times.


Thanks HHG. I thought that the little dot to the left of the name indicated online status – when it’s green I figured that meant online. So if that’s not it… then I have another question – what do those dots signify?

Thanks for the informative replies everyone.

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Yes you are correct. On a game board, the green or blue (depending on your colour pallet choices) circle indicates whether they are online with a tab open to that game.

What this general thread is about is some people have an entirely different coloured name, as in the characters themselves are a different colour.

Hope that clears it up a bit for you.