Why do i get started games against me with analyze on?


sometimes (5 minutes ago for example) i get a game started from someone other, which somehow forced me into a game which i never accepted and the game is with analyze function enabled. I do not want ever a game with analyze possibilities enabled.
And i don’t want to be in a game if i am not searching for one.

Is this possible to configure somehow ?

For example i was “sucked” into a game start just ago which i had to break up after one stone because i don’t want to play with anylyze, and i donb’t want to play at all if i am not accepting anything.

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by name of game it looks like you clicked big blue button “Correspondence” on https://online-go.com/play accidentally


The quickmatch settings need to bet set separately for the three game speed options (Blitz, Live and Correspondence). See: Finding (starting) a game · online-go/online-go.com Wiki · GitHub

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But those settings don’t have an option to disable analysis.


That’s true. For that you will need to create custom games though it will always be an act of faith in correspondence that your opponent is observing the rule.

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It seems mystery may actually be true

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