Why do people time out rather than surrendering?

I just played the second or third game recently in which the opponent, rather than surrendering, decided to just log off and let their time run out. I don’t get why people do this. Problem is, I can’t log out because there are people will log off for a bit, then return to the game and make a move in hopes that their opponent won’t log back on. A very cheap way of winning, but since I don’t want to lose games because of it, I have to sit here and watch the time. Anyone else have this problem? Why do you think people do this?

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to punish you for their injured pride?


Escapers are annoying, and it’s disrespectful to your opponent to not resign.

We will address this behavior in one of the future updates and implement punishments for the severe cases.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to report serial escapers to us Moderators! :smiley:


Not everyone has a 100% stable internet connection. Imagine them playing on a train and they enter a tunnel.

If it happens once in a while, it’s no real problem Animiral, but when you enter a Tunnel 20 games in a row, it’s going to be a problem. We are only speaking about the severe cases here. :slight_smile:

We have talked a lot internally, on how to punish such behavior best, and there have been some good ideas coming up. A prominent one was, to punish serial escapers by implementing a “come-back-time” if you timeout “x” times in a certain period of days. E.g: You lost a game by timeout 10 times in a week. Now the System will only give you 5 Minutes to come back into the game, when you leave, instead of the full game time.

This is yet only one of the ideas idea. :slight_smile: A timeout in a live-game once in a while will not be punished.

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A good idea me thinks…

Yesterday a funny thing happened. I thought my opponent left the game (or disconnected) and his time was ticking out. But after 7 or 8 minutes (of a 13x13 game), the server corrected my board to reflect that my move had not been counted.

Then I started refreshing the game web page, in order to check if my move was registered.

This one may be a little bit distant to the problem, but I had almost thought that my opponent was running away. And he thought the other way around, and in fact it was a server issue.

Another 2 cents to consider maybe?

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oops … i didn’t realize this topic was so well discussed,
I reopened the same topic starting “manners”.
I guess i need to spend more time learning how this forum works.
sorry if i caused irritation

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I feel about half of the newbies simply cannot find the ‘resign’ button. Most other useful (or less useful) game-related buttons like ‘undo’, ‘pass’, ‘pause’ appear above the board, but not for the ‘resign’ function: it’s a symbol amongst 9 others.
So I suggest replacing the ‘exit’ symbol at the right hand side of the board by a button with imprint ‘resign’ above the board.