Why do you get stuck in Kyu level?


download rare go problem life and death tsumego kifu SGF collection from http://shinkaya.blogspot.com



I have an other one:

you have not downloaded rare tsumego collection from shinkaya-blog yet!




You play just for fun


you are a beautiful loser
people down there are more friendly


You put your opponent in a ladder while there is an obvious ladder-breaker.


You don’t know what kifu means.

What does kifu mean?


Game record. See https://senseis.xmp.net/?Kifu.


You are an old man and have trouble reading more than 6 or 8 moves ahead, because of your weakening memory.


Your language memory cries “stack overflow” whenever you stumble upon a new japanese word.
(But now I’ve learnt kifu, one word a day keeps the doctor away)


I have no clue what a tsumego is no the idea or territory vs influence. No one has taught me how to play go, except that I more or learn I learn alone.


That would definitely be why you could get stuck. You definitely need to do some tsumego to advance beyond a certain level, and given that we have centuries of experience to draw on, you probably need to take advantage of that through getting someone to teach you, lest you try to go through all that experience yourself!

(Of course, that might be a worthy goal: try to master Go without referring to any past experience! Quite a challenge though!)




You know you’re a Kyu player when you can solve a problem that says “Black to kill” but you can’t identify the same pattern in a real game.


Unless you have the computing power of Alpha Zero in your brainware, and reinvent everything from scratch and beyond in one week.


Seriously now. I’m the old-brain-stuck-in-DDK type (bearing in mind I learned the rules of Go about 45 years ago). I don’t study tsumego because I find it boring, it’s not real life, someone has already found a solution and wants you to find the same one. In fact I like each new game being an open endeavour, being surprised all along, losing games I thought were easy wins, and the other way round. I live as a Kyu, I don’t figure it as being stuck. I would be stuck if my objective was to move further up.


I like that attitude (perhaps b/c I’m also an old sod?)

But I also like Tsumego … they give me an enjoyable braintickle :slight_smile: whenever I have some time to kill (e.g. in the doctor’s waiting room) I do some with Tsumego Pro, and it records my progress and repeats those Tsumego which I didn’t get right first time.

Also, while I may not always consciously recognise a Tsumego pattern in a Real Life game, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur :wink:


You do have the computing power of Alpha Zero in your brainware.

Of course, you are mostly using it for other things :slight_smile:


Do I? Good question. Indeed I use my brainware for many other things, but. Anyway, AI is off-topic here :slight_smile:


You play rage Go