Why does AI think that black will win?

Hi! I just resigned (black) and then saw that the AI thinks I would have had a good chance to win.
Ladder Challenge: GoJCH(#4) vs stephan 羅 德 帆(#2)
Both, my opponent (white) and I, think that must be wrong.
Can anybody explain this to us?

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The AI is not wrong :slight_smile:
I am kind of confused as to what answer you are seeking to be honest, the AI does show you the variation (unless you have it turned off), assuming you can see that, I will just try to provide some context.

After Black B4 white has no choice other than to start a ko for the life of the top group (it is a semeai between the black top and white upper left). However, Black has a free ko threat at D4 for the life of the group and since there are no other relevant ko threats on the board, black will capture.

(Also note that Black still has an extra liberty at J5 and thus White cannot capture directly after starting the ko, maybe that’s what you missed…)


The main thing is that the black group has three liberties, but needs at least 5 moves by white to capture (since white cannot just play A9, it’s in atari, it needs to connect first) and a ko to be resolved. Meanwhile black has the D4 ko threat, the J5 ko threat, and can meanwhile reduce the liberties of white’s capturing group.

The white group in the center has no chance of living if the black group stays alive either.

So, I guess the conclusion is not to resign a capturing race before you’re actually dead? (As in, you can read out that you’ve been killed)


Thanks for your helpful answers.
I can understand what you’re saying.
But I have to admit that I don’t play Go so well (yet?) that I would have thought of it myself.
But the lesson for me is: Don’t give up too early, just try it.

I think there’s many players at every level that will say the same thing about the ai’s variations :slight_smile: