Why does my open game request go away when I switch tabs?

I just opened a game request in another tab before typing this forum thread…and I just checked back on it and it went away. This has to be a bug!?

Well first hypothesis is that while you are on another tab someone accepted your game offer and then cancel it (maybe bored to wait for you?)


No, its repeatable. Have you tried to reproduce?

No. Before offering games i m not interested in, i search what hypothesis we could have.

Is it a live game offer?

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Yes, live game

I asked because you have to keep the game tab open in a live game to not run out of time which is not an obvious feature and which could maybe be correlated to your question.


Im not talking about a game that has started, I am talking about a “game request”

Yes and i am talking about correlation.
Oh just a last question, is it happening with other OGS tabs or only with going to the forum?

Can’t help more, let see if anyone else has a clue.

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I can reproduce this (when people don’t accept the challenge marked “please don’t accept” :woman_facepalming: )

I think it happens only if I have no other tabs on the site, which means that OGS thinks that I’ve left.

In which case it makes sense that the open live challenge is removed.

Just leave a tab open on live things - as Groin said, that’s the basic requirement, so we know you are there.