Why I stop go playing on this forum

I will stop to play go on this internet portal.
I have no club to play with other people to teach me how to play go better.
If I play on internet I get no feed back how to play better…
So I nearly loose all games and this is total frustrating for me.
Go is a faszinating game… but under this circumstances it is no fun for me.

Best regards Uwe

Then play with me. I will be happy to give you feedback :slight_smile:
All you need to do is ask. And in some regard internet games can even provide a better feedback, since the computer remembers all the moves for you, so you do not need to recall the game from memory and you can easily view variations :slight_smile:


Hi Uwe,

It souds like you already decided, and are just venting, but actually if you’d like help and feedback there is tons here.

All you have to do is ask!



In addition to the many friendly and helpful players such as those above, many of whom hang out in the Chat room, the puzzles tab at https://online-go.com/puzzles has several excellent beginner tutorials. Also, excellent links for resources and more advanced, free books are at https://online-go.com/docs/other-go-resources



Moin Uwe,

gib nicht auf … es gibt hier sehr viele freundliche Leute, die nach dem Spiel gerne das Spiel besprechen, musst nur mal fragen.

Ich selbst hab’ für sowas keine Zeit, aber wenn Du willst, spielen wir ein (langsames!) Korrespondenzspiel und ich hinterlasse Kommentare und Variationen im Malkovich-Log (erkläre Dir dann im Spiel-Chat, was das ist), sodass Du es hinterher nachlesen kannst.

Herzlichen Gruß aus der Lüneburger Heide,


(I just told Uwe in German what you folks already said, plus that I’d play a slow corr. game with him and leave Malkovich log entries for him to check out after the game)


Do what u enjoy!!! Play GO or not. But please be aware it has been my experience that many GO players are only too happy to help out a weaker player. : ) Sometimes stepping away and returning with a different mindset can help. I do grant you that playing in person is special in a way that the interenet is not. In GO and Life may all your Tenukis be Tesujis!



Wait… what is the matter ? Having no feedback? Or losing all games?

You can lose all games but improve, still.
You also can win all games but not improve.
Or lose 50%, win 50% and still not improve

Maybe, you should not worry too much… you might be already be improving.

If the problem is the absence of feedback, sometimes it’s needed to ask. Have you asked for?

Anyway, I’m convinced we are all frustrated players. it’s just a matter to deal with that and keep on learning the game we like / love.


Oder schau einfach mal in den Chat - da gibt es auch einen deutschen Channel. Sehr viel ist da zwar nicht los - aber da kann man vielleicht mal jemanden für ein Review oder ein Erklärspiel finden.

Von einem Uwe zum Anderen ^^

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There is some variance as to how to progress, and playing versus stronger player will most challenge the mind, but it might deplete moral. I’d recommend a win rate of no less than 30%, to avert loss of motivation. Win percentage is determined in large by the strength of your opponents.

When it comes to person to person communication there are some interactive solution that are more immersive for study purposes than go game servers in themselves.

To regain inspiration, it’s often helpful to watch game records by your favourite players.

In any case, I hope you find interest in continuing to evolve your go game in the future ^^

Best wishes

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