Why seven clicks to end game?

At the end of a game (Tornike Nanikashvili vs. david265) I clicked on the blue Accept Score button to end the game, but the button just became disabled. I waited a second or two and it became blue again. I repeated this action seven times before my click was accepted and the game ended. My question is: why?

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I believe the button disables itself for five seconds if there’s any change in the situation, to try to prevent you from being tricked into accepting an incorrect score.

It’s a little too sensitive in my opinion, especially since it seems to disable itself just because the other player accepted the score, considering that a “change in the situation”.

Hard to imagine how you could trick someone by accepting a score.


The interface here is wonky.

After you pressed “accept” the first time, you got a tick beside your name.

You no longer need to click that button again - even when it becomes active again, you’ve still got the tick, so you don’t have to press it.

I think it’s saying “if you need to press it you can do that now” … that need would become present if the other person changed the board.

This is definitely a bug - it should stay greyed until the person changes the board.

The wait that you experienced was simply the time it took for your opponent to also click. Your additional clicks did nothing during that time.


No. In some cases the opponent already clicked and the click was noted. The time delay between active and disabled appears to be fixed, and as I said, seven clicks seemed to be required before the game was completely ended and the score shown. I agree that the additional clicks seemed to do nothing, except to eventually make the game end completely. Seems very strange.

I can assure you looking at the game that the very first time your opponent accepted the score was after your 7 clicks and immediately ended the game as you had both accepted the score.


Not sure if this is the same issue that David is describing, but I have always wondered why the accept score button alternates between enabled and disabled, seemingly independent of whether opponent has already accepted or not. It seems unnecessary and kind of annoying if you don’t time your clicking attempts well.


Yes. That is the same phenomenon that I tried to describe.

I’m waiting to hear if OGS uses JavaScript asynchronous code or not.

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That question was answered in the other thread.

The front end is ReactJS.

Except that your description did not match the logs.

It is the same - I think it’s a bug (as I said). I can imagine it was introduced by someone attempting to protect us from accepting an unexpected change in score by the opponent - some clowns try that trick, but it didn’t quite get it right.

Most people aren’t too bothered by it because they can see that their name has a tick, so they know that they don’t need to click again. It’s definitely a bad UI to have the button active when it’s not required though.


Yeah agreed. Ideally if your name is ticked the button stays greyed out until a change is made… But, also not a huge deal as you said.

If I remember correctly, the behaviour also occurs when your name has no tick next to it.

Edit: Just played a game that went to scoring. The button greyed out once for seemingly no reason, then stayed enabled until my opponent accepted, then it went disabled again for a couple of seconds, then stayed enabled. Not exactly how I remembered it, but strange behaviour if you ask me.

This sounds like the same thing. It’s probably greying out to give you a second to consider that “your opponent did something, are you happy with the state of the board?”.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had issue in the past with it myself, but maybe it’s something that could be fixed or the implementation tidied up.

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… and for sure.


I agree it is not a big deal in general as compared with getting ranking right, or displaying the game history, etc.

It is a big deal to a beginner trying to finish a first game at OGS.

It is a big deal to anyone playing blitz down to the second when some of their playing controls are hidden during the end of game.

Could it be that, when a player clicks the “accept score” button, the button instantaneously gets disabled, which could easily make the player think that they just clicked a disabled button? Then of course you’d want to try and click it again and maybe get frustrated when it happens repeatedly.

If you ask my opinion, after accepting the score the button itself should turn into a check-mark-icon, rather than a small tick appearing next to your name. Afterall the button is usually where the users attention is. Obviously the button should only change for the plaer who accepted the score (not for the opponent), and it should change appearance again only when the player is expected to reevaluate the score.

As far as protecting against “the score changes almost at the same time as one accepts”: In the first place why do both players have to share one score proposal? If one player changes the life / death status of some stones, I propose that it should not change for both players, but only for the person who caused the change. Both users then submit their score suggestion, and if they match, the game can be concluded. Obviously there has to be a witty handling when players don’t submit matching score proposals, and this seems not so trivial to me, but I’m sure it can be done and could greatly improve the user experience on the main site.

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You were simply waiting on your opponent to accept, that is all.

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Nope. My opponent had already accepted the scoring. See the other posts in this thread, some of which confirm this problem.

No, it happened exactly as I described. The button turned blue, I clicked it, it turned gray for awhile then turned blue again, I clicked it again, it turned gray for awhile then turned blue again, I clicked it again, it turned gray for awhile then turned blue again, I clicked it again, it turned gray for awhile then turned blue again, I clicked it again, and so forth for seven times. Clear now?

Your opinion simply does not line up with the facts. Since I can see the history and you can only rely on your memory of the situation. To continue on this line of belief can only mean you think I and the other mods are actively deceiving you… to what end?


The game clock has stopped by the time you are clicking on “Accept”


The logs can also deceive. What the program has behind the scene, and what it shows to the user, can be different. You did not present any proof of your “facts” either, yet quickly jump to the conclusion that TO thinks there is deceiving going on … To me it seems David is presenting constructive critisism of the user interface, which should be encouraged in my opinion.