Why submitting move redirects to another board?

As the topic mentioned.

I’m playing a few correspondence games. When I place a stone and then submit the move at a board, the site redirects to another board immediately. Actually, it’s good and convenient when playing so many games and want to make a move and then look for a board that is my turn.

However, the question is ‘why’. I’m not asking to revert the function back to the previous version, but I just don’t like this feature in case that I want to stay and spend some time thinking about the game.

Any answers would be appreciated.

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Auto-advance is a choice that you can change in your settings. A lot of settings have been switched to default during the upgrade, but you can now choose them again. I don’t use auto-advance, either, but many people do and enjoy it.

Sorry and thank you.
I just don’t know that option.

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