Why was I automatically added to games? [solved]

I am new to OGS and very sorry if this questions has been asked. I did read the FAQ, search the forum, and explore the settings but couldn’t find an answer.

Basically I got added to like 5 games against players I don’t know, it was puzzling as I didn’t do anything to initiate those games. I wonder if this is a feature of OGS? Is it possible to disable it?

Thank you!

I’ve never heard of this happening, did you not join a correspondence tournament, accept games, or do anything with the play tab?

Because this shouldn’t be happening automatically.

The four games were started over the course of about 3 hours. They have the same settings. Did you perhaps make a bunch of challenges and then forget about them?

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Thank you for looking into this for me.

I very much might have clicked that button on my phone, and my phone (being mobile) browser glitched erratically.

It makes sense tho, thanks again!

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Nb. To begin with, after a game starts, there is a button that says,‘Cancel Game’. This button only changes to ‘Resign’ after both players have made moves so you may be able to cancel some of the games if you wish with no repercussions or effect on your rank.

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Also, maybe not the case here, but you can (and will) automatically arrive in games if you join a ladder.

If that’s the case, it will be stated in the game information (under the i in the right hand panel)

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