Why was this game annulled?

I’m just curious.

If you don’t see why, it could probably due to a mass timeout of your opponent. Did you check his game list in his profile?

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Mass=at least 2.


I checked and that player does indeed have another timeout on that day. I never knew about this rule. Gotta be honest, it’s a strange rule – I don’t have a better solution but I imagine if you had 10 correspondence games going and you were losing most of them you could abuse this rule to mass timeout everything.

But anyway thanks for clearing that up!

hmm I always thought mass was closer to E/c2


I understand.
If you’re interested you may find in this forum debates on that low limit.
Basic reason is to not perturb the rating of everyone when someone jumps out and lose a big bunch of games, but in fact there can be some abuse to manipulate someone rank. Another thing is that this is only for correspondance games, so the system doesn’t care if your opponent meanwhile comes and play a few live games…