Why would anyone do this?

I just had this game: https://online-go.com/game/6633945
I played a kinda strange move and my opponent resigned at move 7. I don’t understand why you would surrender so early

My best guess would be that your opponent had to go do something

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of course i dont know the reason for your opponents resignation, but she/he probably resigned early on purpose, rather than later in the game. the game simply doesnt count (it is not a win or loss for either player), if it ends before a certain point. i think the threshold for a 19x19 game is 19 moves.


My rating did go up because of the game so i did count i think?

Are you sure? It doesn’t seem to be the case. If you look at your ratings graph (and zoom in, I would recommend), you can hover over it and see which game brought your rating to each point. In this case, I can’t find game 6633945 on your graph, which indicates to me that it was not factored into your rating at all.