Width of userlist in chatroom should be increased in Swedish

In a chatroom there is a list of users to the right. In Swedish translation, the header of this user list reads "Användare (2171 Online: 4… " and then I cannot read the full header. I guess this is because the width of the userlist is fixed based on the english interface, where the word “users” is shorter than the swedish translation “användare”. I’d like the header to be readable also in Swedish translation. Couple of suggested ways to solve this:

  1. Increase the width of the chat userlist for all languages to a longer value
  2. Set the width of the list to the minimum length of the username/header in this list
  3. Keep the default width, but make it possible for the user to change the width of the list
  4. Enable horizontal scrolling in the list.

This is a minor thing, but perhaps someone has a preference on how to fix it, and may be able to do so without too much hassle. It would be nice :smile:

All the best,
Eskil - happy OGS user

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Easiest solution (by far) would be to change the translation. Even if not “correct”.
Anyone can change the translations of OGS.

EDIT: Oh I see you have already translated stuff. Oh well :slight_smile:

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