Will I get banned if I play unranked games with another account of mine?

Just wondering if it is allowed if I become a supporter and play against myself to exploit the OGS bot. Thanks!

Edit: by the OGS bot I mean the AI review

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It’s always good policy to ask first.

I recently had a similar question about whether it was OK OGS-ruleswise to play mirror Go (it is, unless it’s being used as a strategy to farm rank from bots).

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If it’s unranked, I see no problem with playing against yourself. I’m not sure what you mean by exploiting the OGS bot, since there is no OGS bot as far as I know. Or do you mean the AI review tool?


Yup, I mean the AI review

If you want to use the AI review to try out things:

  • make a demo board and do solo play as much as you like.
  • download the SGF
  • upload the SGF to your SGF library, then request AI review.

No game played, no rule violated. Easy as that.


Thanks! Thought playing games was the only way to use the AI review.