Will OGS ever make a dedicated desktop client for Windows?

Or Linux or Windows like KGS?

I highly doubt it, but I think there was an OGS to GTP bridge floating around somewhere that you could plug into any GTP-capable desktop client. Alternatively, there is an API if you wanted to make your own. =]

I would personally argue that the fact that there’s no desktop client is by design. I, for one, vastly prefer a web interface to having to download a piece of software, and I think that’s a fairly widespread opinion. Honestly, the fact that KGS requires a download (of some janky piece of junk Java client at that) is a huge turn-off to me.


I also prefer a web interface. However, I do have problems with the memory requirements of ogs on my machine, and there are probably people with weaker computers.

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Full functionality is provided to any HTML5 compliant browser.

A custom client for any platform would require additional effort that would not increase the function of the site.

If there is some edge case where a full client or desktop application is needed, the API provides the access needed to support the creation of such an application by a third-party.


I hope not.


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