Wish: Games archive page


Not sure if anyone brings this topic before - but it would be really nice to have single page with all games that was ever played on OGS. Something like http://gokifu.com/. For example, it was really troublesome to find link for transatlanticgo game#5 when it was over.

p.s. it would be great to have some filtering/searching controls (strength, date, type - rapid/slow/correspondence,…) beside players usernames


Good point. I think it’s important to be able to search the games by event, even if the event is not an OGS tournament.

As for the transatlantic game, I asked them (on facebook) to put the link on the official web site. Even for games 1-4, the site is not as user-friendly as to make the games link to the respective commentary videos on YouTube or Twitch…


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