Wish: Option for Conditional Moves ➞ Variations in Malkovich Log

Hey front end coders :slight_smile:

I had an idea which might make sense for other users of the Malkovich Log also:

I’d love to have the option, globally, for all my games, and/or in the Conditional Moves panel, that my premeditated conditional moves would be posted as variations in the Malkovich Log.

Currently I do this by hand, so that my opponent can see it later and better understand my thoughts, but it’s a chore and might as well be automated.

What think ye?
Makes sense?
Hard or easy to implement?


Posted in malk log before or after they are actually played on the board?

I play a move, then I go to “Plan Conditional Moves” and create one or more conditional moves.

When I click “Accept Conditional Moves”, I want them to appear in the M Log.


I reckon trohde is meaning "in the same way that variations can be created and “entered” into Malk chat, you should be able to get a “variation set” from a conditional move set and have it appear in Malk.

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I think implementation would be simple enough, but more trouble than it is worth imo

Variations already show up in analysis mode after you make conditional moves, so it’s not that hard to share them when you want to. Are you suggesting having a setting to automate this sharing? Or an additional button to share?

Yeah, see the screenshot that I attached when editing my OP.

Yup, a setting and/or a button, so people can choose either for specific conditional move or automatically and globally for all their games. I myself would choose to do it globally.

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Got it thanks for clarifying!

The one issue I see with this is that variation trees can have a lot of branching, and you can only share one leaf node per variation in chat. So what might be relatively compact in the conditional move viewer could end up quite large in chat. (If you share everything)

Idk probably not the worst thing in the world, but something to think about.


Well, I for one rarely create more than three cond. moves at a time, this would be three shared variations in the M Log, so I don’t see a real problem there. Even if it were five or seven … I feel the benefit for the opponent (IF they check out the M Log at all!), and the benefit for me who keeps an M Log, is higher than the inconvenience (is there any?) of having a few Malkovich variations in the game chat.

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