Wish: Option to watch finished matches "Live"

I would very much enjoy a feature whereby every move, comment and variation in a game also has a (hidden, back end stuff) timestamp, so that the game can be replayed (along with displayed clocks) in “real time” with the moves and comments appearing at the right time.
It would be like an interactive “livestream” of a finished match where you can analyse right along with it, as if you were watching it on the board when it was first played. It could bring in players/viewers who would otherwise look to YouTube or Twitch to catch up on finished games, with the added bonus that it can be done with every game

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Just out of curiosity, asking those who might know, would implementing this fall under front or back end of development?

The time for each move is stored for every game and is accessible via online-go.com/API/v1/games/$id
The chat has a timestamp as well, so it should be doable with frontend changes.


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