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Hello! This is going to sound professional, but I’m actually a really fun group founder! I’m AvaGao2009 on OGS, and I have a group on OGS, too. We’re called the World Wide Go Association, aka, WWGA. We have a logo, a video with somethings about us, and other videos you’ll see when you visit the platform in which this following link will present. It is just another window in OGS , but still=) World Wide Go Association (WWGA) We’re just another group, but we exist! I actually have this info. paragraph, so I can just copy and paste. One important rule is that you may not host your own tournament in the group, or I will kick you out. You’ll know more about it when you visit our platform! Trust me, it’s more fun and pain, lol :smiley:

Hey guys! The paragraph above states somethings about my group on OGS! World Wide Go Association- AKA- WWGA. We’re a really fun group! We have about 78 members so far, and we’re aiming for 100 this spring! I would be elated if you’d join us! We have a group logo, a group video, and more! (Includes a new members video) You’ll see those on our OGS Group platform. :star_struck:

We do have tournaments hosted! In fact, we have almost two tournaments a week or more!

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lol :laughing: :laughing:

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78 members? That’s great, keep up the good work!

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Even better, 84 memers =}