Worth paying for membership to get A.I. review?

Does the A.I. review feature help a person figure out mistakes?
Is it easy to understand?


Those are somewhat subjective questions that I cannot really answer.

However, to get an idea of what this feature is like, you can always view the AI reviews run by members that are site supporters (find someone with a “gold” supporter account and look through some of their past games). Everyone can view the AI reviews that have been run. The only difference is that supporters can initiate them.

Here is the manual explaining this feature:


I think the answer depends a lot on

  • how often you review your games
  • the gap between a given player’s skill and the level of the AI reviewing the game.

I am somewhere between 13-14 kyu right now. I find the AI review extremely helpful. For instance, in my last game, I could tell when I made my first blunder. Looking through the AI review, I realized that - not only did I try to make the Important Move a bit too late in the game, but that I had misread the sente/gote situation, and could have played the Important Move much earlier.

Not only does it show you WHERE you made mistakes, but it shows you how you could have done that interaction differently, and gives you an 8 move preview of how it might have gone better.

The thing is - while some of the AI’s suggestions might be “20/20 hindsight” obvious or helpful - some of them are a bit more advanced than I can apply as an intermediate DDK. As far as I understand it, even the lowest AI review level is dan-strength, and the upgrades are even stronger top-level dans.

But yeah, if reviewing your own games is part of your learning toolkit, I would say it’s WELL worth money - as well as the time it might take to adapt dan-level advice to your level of play.


As a site supporter, I love this feature. Not only is it helpful when during post game discussion between me and my opponent, but there is an extra bit of motivation that my challenge gets picked by an opponent sooner.


I think Dwyrin did a video on how to use AI to review Beware Lizzie! - A Go PSA and more specifically OGS AI - Back to Basic Baduk. Nick Sibicky also has a few videos where he uses AI review of his games.

That said, I always use the AI review after my game and it helps me in numerous ways (or at least I like to believe so):

  • I can better asses how skillfully I played:
    • I know going into the review of a lost game if I ever stood a chance.
    • I know going into the review of a won game if I got lucky.
  • I know where in the game I started to loose. From there I can figure out what could have been done to avoid it.
  • I know if a move was in the right direction (I can evaluate my skills of finding the largest side) even if it was in the wrong spot.
  • I know if a joseki I thought I screwed up, could have been salvaged.
  • I know if I made a critical mistake somewhere (e.g. missed a tesuji; this is the least helpful as an 11 kyu but the most fun).

There are some who have become supporters to gain the AI review feature, and to my knowledge most of these people are happy… for me, I would only recommend becoming a supporter if you enjoy the site and want to help it grow, that way you are free to regard any bonuses as nice extras or irrelevant without feeling like they need to earn your money.


Hi steelsmitty,

The ai-review feature is very helpful imo. For the same reasons as runarberg listed in his post, and also to learn ai openings.

If you want to review your games there are other ressources too.

•If you got a pc you might consider installing lizzie or katago.

•There are at least two sites, zbaduk and ai-sensei, on which you can upload and analyze your games by ai. Both are limited in functionalities up until you subscribe but can be useful.

The only negative point with the ogs ai-review is that some people can’t save the variations in a sgf-file after analyzing a game which is played on another platform. There is a subthread on this issue here: SGF file download with AI review

Besides learning with the ogs ai, by subscribing you also support the site, which is a wholesome bonus. ^^


Exactly this. I like the ai review. It’s easy to see where you or your opponent blundered or missed the opportunity for big moves. I can’t claim to understand the AI suggested sequences or follow ups but it’s nice to consider them anyway. Mainly though ogs is a great place to be and I want to help it and the community it forms.


It really depends on your background, it wasn’t easy for me but I see people get it much easier.

Your rank/understanding of the game is important to judge what you can get from it. Personally, I look for huge drops in percentages (definite winning/ losing moves) and also sometimes take a mental note about a move I was ambivalent about and see afterwards what AI thought about it.

I admit I’m kinda used to AI by now and if I had to cancel my support for financial reasons I would miss it.

I don’t see it as membership though, membership is free :slight_smile: , I see it as supporting OGS.


As others have said it depends very much, but to be perfectly honest with you, as you seem very new to the game, if the only motivation behind considering it is to get better, I would say it is not worth it just yet for you.

The AI reivew gives no explanations, only shows better variations. Without having a solid understanding of some of the game concepts, it might be more confusing than helpful, as you may form wrong assumptions about why the move was better and thus be unable to use the knowledge correctly in the next similar situation.

At what we call twenty plus kyu levels, I would very much recommend trying to reach out to humans for teaching games, and there is many skilled players here at the forums who would surely help out and some of the basic concepts can be better understood through words rather than variations. Only once you have solid understanding of the basics does the feature start to be very interesting (as far as I am concerned).

It is also worth noting that you can get the same reviews for “free” by downloading Lizzie or another software and running it offline on your computer, but in my experience it is just much more convenient (for the few bucks) to have every game immediately reviewed online to qucikly scan for the most severe mistakes. Nowadays I only download games that were really important or interesting to me and analyze those even more thoroughly offline.

If you can safely spare the money and would like to support us we would of course appreciate it very much, but as far as learning goes, I would say you can safely wait a bit before “needing” the feature. Personally I consider 15k to be the minimal rank to have a chance of making some proper use of the AI review, but of course it is based on my feelings only, no scientific data :slight_smile: