Would anyone like to give feedback on the first non-trivial match I won?

Game: https://online-go.com/game/3961471
TL;DR - Could someone comment on my moves?

Some background if you care about such things:

Hello, I just started playing and for all this time, all the games that I have won have been ‘trivial’ games. By that I mean a game where the board is clearly divided in two parts and the winner is simply who got the bigger part of the two.

Whenever the opponent tried to complicate the state of the board I would completely lose all control over my plays and in no more than 10 turns, I would find my group completely surrounded or with a really small territory with nowhere to expand. This is mainly why I’ve gone from 22k to 23k like 4 times already.

However, right now a miracle just happened and not only did I survive a ‘complicated’ game, but I was the one who pushed for it turning complicated because if I didn’t then my territory was so obviously small that I would have lost by a margin of 20 points.

This is the first game I’ve won that I felt that I wasn’t just mechanically filling gaps to cut the board in half, but instead was very actively thinking of my plays which is why I think this game is the best representation I have of my current skill and intuition for Go.

I would really appreciate if someone could bother to look at my moves and judge them on the highest of standards so that I can learn more about the right moves when attempting to complicate the board because believe me, I have tried this a couple of times already and everything backfired on me.

Thanks in advance.

https://online-go.com/review/107077 Heres my review! Hope its of any use, im not a good player either haha. There were a couple of moves that were objectively not that good (wasted moves) and i talk about some important concepts regarding the importance of each move.

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