Would I have won without the invasion at the end?

Hi all, not that familiar with the scoring but just wondered would I have won this game without the hailmary invasion at the end? https://online-go.com/game/14385545

It was close and I thought I might as well try anything but looking back did the captures switch the score? I’m not really sure how its tallied and how influential captured stones are on the score. Does that mean you shouldn’t attempt invasions at the end that have a low chance of working?

I didn’t look at your game, but generally pointless invasions do not change the score as long as your opponent has to reply to each move. If your opponent starts passing it depends on the scoring method. Chinese it will still not change anything, Japanese your opponent will gain a point each time they can pass.

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Had only a quick look at your game, as @richyfourtytwo stated, this invasion was pointless (pun intended). :wink:

By the way: your move D11 (114) was self atari. You would have lost by far more, if black captured your group at that point.

yeah haha I noticed that after I did it thankfully he didn’t, it was an embarrassingly bad game all round tbh have had a terrible day for play

But many thanks for taking a look I appreciate the feedback

I this case, the invasion did matter. Instead of B12,you could play D12, which is huge since your opponent can’t respond C13. It’s also sente, so you can play G12 and G13 for some more points. After that, white’s ahead, even if black takes both C13 and the ko. Invasions don’t matter if your opponent is responding inside your territory, but in this case you gave up two points of territory, a stone, and the G12 G13 endgame, for roughly a 5 point loss.