Would someone be kind enough to offer me some pointers on this game?

This game has been driving me mad since it concluded, since losing by a tiny margin is always more galling than being completely destroyed.

I lost by 1.5 points, though if I’d fought the ko I could likely have lost by just 0.5 points, but I was so bummed out at coming up short that I just didn’t have the energy anymore. >.<

I feel like I made good use of my opening, and had the lead going into the middle game, but slipped up from there on. Sadly, reviewing it on my own didn’t help much, since I didn’t make any big, obvious mistakes (that I’m aware of), which means it was probably an error in my style of play, and those are hard to identify on your own.

if anyone can give me their thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it! it’s frustrating not being able to see your losing move, y’know?

Use the pain of your close loss to build character and play smarter… It was the only highlight of Star Trek five when Kirk said something along these lines. :slight_smile:

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Your opening was fine to me. Nice and solid.This was a very Lee Chang Ho-ish game, little major fights with little to nothing big dying. Just a points grabbing game.

I think you lost because of your bad endgame. Doesnt help that your opponent for the most part played the bigger points and you kept playing safe/small moves.

Bad moves

Move 135 (redundant),

Move 155 clamp (small and gote at that point) compared to simply following up at A7 aiming B4 plus preventing his hane and connect move he did shortly after your clamp sequence ended.

Move 185 was a measly 2 point Gote move. 193 and 195 were even worse. 1 point moves each.There was a bigger move at R1 (played by your opponent at 196 later) that was 2 points Reverse Gote (think of it as double points so 4 points) which was a lot bigger.

Move 234 (redundant) and lost you the first capture of a Ko that you had a chance of winning but you prematurely gave up… You had quite a few threats still.

There are more. Some I left out and some I probably missed because I’m not the best player there is.

If you don’t like racking your brains and bothering to count about bigger points then I suggest you just go all out crazy fighting like Lee Sedol to win/lose by an overwhelming amount to not bother about it.
PS. Sedol is not the best at positional judgement, which is why he doesn’t play Changho’s style.

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thanks for the comprehensive analysis! I admit, my positional judgement in the middle-game and yose are the weakest parts of my go. That said, I can’t bring myself to compensate for it by playing more aggressively. I’d rather force myself to overcome my weakness, since the more peaceful play-style suits my personality.

…sadly, that means I’ll probably be facing a lot of frustrating losses like this one until I get stronger. XD

thanks again for your time.

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I didn’t know if you wanted me to put the variations on a board or if you were just fine with some crucial moves being written out, so I just wrote them. Obviously, at the SDK levels, a lot of minor things that could have changed, but I will highlight your biggest mistakes, and some of your opponents mistakes as well, especially ones you did not take advantage of. I didn’t do too much in-depth reading, so obviously I might be a bit too hasty in my analysis, but I think it will help.

If you have a few specific questions about why your variations were not optimal or

Bad Moves

Move 23: S7, should have played F5

Move 33: Big mistake.It is an even game till this point, because on Move 32 he plays S16 instead of Q6, so here you must play C12.

Move 39: N7 is superior to O8.

Move 47: K8 over L7.

Move 71: Ok, this is pretty big. You were losing early on, and he made some blunders to make the game basically even. He fumbles big on move 70 by playing P2 over K9. You should respond O13 but you play T3. You assumed he had sente, but it was a gote move.

Move 81: B12 over E10. F6 by him was a mistake, and you once again responded instead of tenuki. He is then throwing his whole lead by playing E12 over K2. There you play E2 instead of P13, which would have been much better.

Move 159 is where I would say you definitively lost the game. You would fall behind, he would blunder, you would make a sub-optimal, but not usually optimal move to bring it close again, and the war was waging. I don’t really want to do much more because it would be too long, but also, you should not feel bad. For all the mistakes I have pointed out, you played many good moves too. I would say the biggest thing you should look at is do not instinctively respond, but look at possibility of tenuki and his moves being gote.

Hope that helped.

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that helped a lot, yes! the two of you gave me a lot of advice to reflect on, and I sincerely can’t thank you enough for your time. ^^