Wrong page while looking at ladder (site 9x9)


Hi, it’s a very little problem, but here it is:

at the moment I am #299 in the site ladder 9x9.
When i click the link in my homepage to see the ladder, i see page 15, that is player #278 to #297.

I’s a small bug that occours when my position in the ladder is near the end of the page.
See images:


Hi, some time later…

I’m now #120 in the site 19x19 ladder.
If i click the link “Site 19x19 ladder” in my profile page it brings me to page #7, users from #121 to #140 (I didn’t change the default of 20 players per page).

Still a small issue, but still present.

@GreenAsJade, I invoke your help! :smiley:


Congratulations on your rise in the world.

I haven’t seen this in the bug list, and will raise it.



Thank you.


What browser version and OS version do you see this under @lysnew ?


Firefox on Win7 and Chome on Android.
I don’t think it’s a matter of browser but I can’t double check because now I’m #121!


For some reason now I’m #120 again.
I checked on IE11, Chrome 64 and Firefox 58 on Win7 and all of them do the same.