Wrong site supporter status


Last month I started supporting the OGS site by a small amount but I see still adds and the “become a site supporter today” message. If I click on that message OGS tells me that I’m already supporting the site…

In an older post I read to clear the browser cookies but that didn’t help either.

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For site supporter issues, the devs usually request you to email support@online-go.com. I’d go ahead and reach out to them there, but also summoning @anoek to make him aware of this.


Terribly sorry @dergeffi , that system has been giving us a lot of trouble. Now that version 5 if finally out the door, I’m going to be revamping it very soon to solve issues like this once and for all. I’ve fixed your supporter status manually. Thanks for the support, and sorry for the trouble there!


Thanks for your quick response!

And thanks for your great work on this site.


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