Wrong translation dutch in e-mail notification

I just started two correspondence games and got two e-mails stating that the games had “finsished” (geëindigd) when in fact these had started (begonnen). The text in the e-mails was correct and the games had indeed started.

See the screenshot below of one of the e-mails for the precise wordings and location of the error.

Best part. Everyone can contribute and fix translations.

EDIT: oh maybe it’s more complicated than just a translation error.


I just went to have a look at the translation site and indeed found the wrong translation “started” was “geëindigd” (finished). I changed and submitted it. Hope that fixes it…


Don’t know if I should start a new thread, but I just found that the same problem occured today (hadn’t started a new game since a while).

The heading of the e-mail says the game has ended and the body correctly says a new game has started (in Dutch).

I hopped over to translate.online-go and everything seems fine there, when I search for started and finished, begonnen and geëindigd all translations are correct.

As far as I remember, new translations will be effective only once a new version is released, so maybe this is why you don’t see your translation yet. :slight_smile:

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