Yet another group, because why not?


Timing is everything

For anyone who’s been lingering about these forums during the past few months, you know the drill: this is the part where I announce some annual event in the hopes that it’ll survive the turn of 2020. But please bear with me a little longer, because this is not it. Believe me, I have tried, and it’s a pain in the neck…

… (also, I keep my alternative accounts safely tucked under a low profile :slight_smile:)

What is this about, then?

Besides Go, I like playing games, solving puzzles, and that kind of stuff. I remember the Mathematics Room on KGS, where they would post a few interesting problems every now and then. I’m not sure if it is still active, but I don’t aim to make a copycat of that, rather, something more varied and accessible. I love the idea of online puzzles of the likes of notpron, even though I could not create (or solve) such a thing.

So, I recycled this group, where (for now) I intend to be posting games and puzzles somewhat regularly. I’m very interested to know if you have challenges of your own, for discussion on this thread, all in good fun.

To whet your appetite, I’ll leave you with two opening trivia:

  1. What is the oldest internet go server?
  2. What is the oldest OGS account?

If you answer one of these, I’ll invite you to our first mini-tournament. Just because.