Yoonyoung Kim 4p's Friday Review Streams!

Courtesy of sponsorship from Open Study Room and Clossius (Shawn Ray), Yoonyoung Kim 4p will be streaming EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 8-9 PM Eastern US time to review your games on OGS! If you catch her on her Twitch channel, definitely take this opportunity to learn from one of Korea’s top female professional players! Yoonyoung will be going over ~3 games per week, so don’t miss out :smile:

I wonder if this should be called “Fridays with Yoonyoung” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, that is amazing news. It’s really nice of her to do that!! Ah just saw the edit. Thank you, AgentNeigh and Shawn, still cool though.

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Totally! Yeah, gotta give it up for the sponsors :smile:

Share your thanks and join OSR! We give away prizes every month to league winners!
Maybe have that league game reviewed!

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How are the games selected? Reviewed live from playing with her or is she just scrolling through random already finished games?

During my stream I will review 3 games.
Among them, the 1st game will be selected from Shawn’s stream. The other 2 games, I will pick from Twitch chat. When the first review finishes, I will ask if there is a volunteer for the next review, then you can send your game link on twitch chat.

Basically this is original format. But if there is a special game such as a tournament, I can pick myself.

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