You have X time to make your move

I play correspondence games, and at the appropriate times I get a notification saying that I am running out of time to make my move. However, the problem I am experiencing is that the time mentioned in the notification doesn’t match the game time remaining.

For example, say one of my games has triggered the “12 hours left” warning; recently the warning message has said 6 hours and just now I had two games drop under 12 hours and the message for both of them was 1hr 50 min.

Not sure what the cause is and ultimately not a huge issue, but it could cause some players a little undue stress :wink:

EDIT: also posted to github

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I noticed someting like this too once, and didn’t think much of it at the time.

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Good to know it’s not just me :slight_smile:

It scared me again saying I have way less time than I really have. I’m pretty sure. But now it’s gone so I can’t check.

The last reply to this topic was over 2 years ago .

Thus is the nature of server side issues that aren’t very critical. Anoek is the only one that can do anything and he has little incentive to prioritise it over bigger or more urgent tasks.

Essentially, this is an endgame bug and we’re still in the early midgame of server development :wink: